One afternoon in March of 2019 I hopped in my car and headed to a local “doc in a box.”  I really don’t recall my symptoms, but I knew somethi9ng was wrong.  Shortly after I got there I was being loaded in an ambulance and shuttled to Baptist East ER.  I remember my blood sugar was over 400 and my blood pressure was out of whack.

Two days later I was told I had diabetes and sent home with several prescriptions.  I bgan to read all I could about how a diabetic should eat.  And I knew my lifelong infactuation with sweet tea was probably over.

Therfe is no telling how many gallons of sweet tea I have had.  Morning, noon and night when the waitress asked what I wanted to drink the answer was sweet tea.  There used to be two Country BBQ locations in Montgomery.  They served sweet tea in quart jars with lots of ice.  I would sometimes fanticize about getting my hands on one of these jars.  (Both of these stores are now closed.  It was a sad day when the second one shut down.)

So I began giving myself an insulin shot each night and taking medicine each morning.  And I cut back on the sweets.  Even the sweet tea.  I did not go cold turkey, but suddenly I said “water with lemon” much more than I ever had.

And when this past January rolled around, I re-doubled my effort.  Six months into 2020 I can report with certainty that I have had only five glasses of sweet tea this year.  And it ain’t what it used to be.  Maybe I just got over it.

I am also glad to report that my waist size ain’t what it used to be either.  Two days ago I weighed 19 pounds less than I did on New Year’s Day.  And the diabetics doctor told me to give up the insulin shots on my last visit.

I check my blood sugar about every other day.  It was 107 this morning.  It is often less than 100.

I’m sure my diet is not as “diabetic proof” as it should be.  But I’m trying.  And my pants tell me that water with lemon is better for my health than sweet tea.