There are things we all know will eventually happen–still we’re never quite ready when the time comes.

Which is the way I felt when an email showed up in my inbox telling me that my little-hole-in-he-wall Italian restaurant on South Court Street in Montgomery, Corsino’s, will lock its door on Dec. 31.

Don and Myra Corsino have had this place for 37 years.  Before that, they had Pizzanos on Fairview Avenue.  It was about the size of a decent pantry.  The one about to close has nine tables and ten booths.

I would shutter to know how much money I have spent here over the years.  For sure, I’ve done my part.  As have many, many other regulars.  Seems that Don and Mryra know them all.  And their children and probably even the children of children.  It has always been strictly a local eatery.  Very few tourists wander that side of town these days.  However, Walter Matthau was once in the area filming a movie and stopped by.

And there was Paul Harvey.  Nope, not THE Paul Harvey, just someone else who bore his name.  And seemed to always be trying to peddle something.  I remember it was kites at one time.

While I have a jillion memories of lunches and dinners there, my favorite is of my 60th birthday party in 2003.  The restaurant was not open on Saturday or Sunday.  So sometime late in 2002 I set about to convince Don and Myra to open one Saturday night for me and my friends.  They were steadfast in their refusal.  I got the waitresses and kitchen staff to work on them for me

Finally, for what reason I do not know, they relented.  Dozens of friends and family from across the south showed up for an Italian buffet.  It was great fun.  Lots of tales were told.  Some of them may have been true.

I don’t know if they ever opened on any other Saturday night.  But they did open on the one that meant most to me.

It’s been great ride.  And I will never travel South Court Street without my car wanting to stop.  Thankfully, I have a handful of days left to visit.