This link takes you to all the answers for a survey that went live on July 31.  It had more than 1,280 responses, by far the most we’ve ever had.

While it was done with Survey Monkey and we can not control for demographics, etc., these are HUGE numbers of respondents and give an extremely good read on what the education community is thinking.  The majority of surveys are a sample of 400 respondents.  I have studied dozens of them.

Let me point out some things.

Q20–775 respondents (60.64%) are teachers

Q19–947 respondents (73.98%) are employed by public school system

Q4–1,228 (95.86%) say Sentance should not have been hired.  ONLY 28 respondents (2.19%) say he should have been hired.

(This is a 2% approval rating which means you have no pulse or detectable heart beat.  If you went to Tuscaloosa and surveyed University of Alabama football fans, chances are Auburn coach Guz Malzahn would have more than 2% approval.)

Q2–984 (77.36%) say alabama education is worse now than 12 months ago.

Q3–907 (70.91%) say it will be worse in a year that it now is.

Q9–979 (76.48%) say Sentance should be terminated.

Q11–1,130 (88.,63%) say under Sentance’s “leadership”  Alabama education is going in the wrong direction.

Q15–1,127 (88.53%) disagree that Sentance has brought reform to state.

Q17–1,141 (89.42%) give Sentance a letter grade of D or F.

Sentance has two strong supporters on the board, Mary Scott Hunter and Betty Peters.  Hunter is an announced candidate for lt. governor and.Peters will have to run for her seat on the state board in 2018.  As you see, their support of Sentance is costing them dearly among educators.

Q23–When asked if they would support Hunter for lt. governor, or one of the other two announced candidates (Rep. Will Ainsworth or Senator Rusty Glover) only 49 of 1,277 (3.84%) say they will vote for Hunter.  While 69% are undecided in this race, it is worth noting that both Ainswroth and Glover get more than three times as many votes as Hunter.

Q8–1,053 (82.27%) say they will not vote for Peters to be re-elected.  Only 34 (2.66%) of 1,280 respondents say that will support her.

These raw numbers are STAGGERING.   They are a stark reminder of how little support Mike Sentance has among educators. There are no toss ups anywhere.  The education community is loud and clear about how they feel about Sentance and his supporters on the state board..

For the governor to come out in support of him (when just two weeks ago she refrained from evaluating him because she said she did not know enough about his performance) is one of the more bizarre things I have ever witnessed in politics.