Posted on Aug. 4th, this one (Madness In Montgomery) received nearly 15,000 views.  As you recall, the legislature had to have two special sessions before they came up with a General Fund budget.  (And expenses of both special sessions came from the Education Trust Fund.)

One of the proposed remedies was to take all the revenue from use taxes from ETF and move to the General Fund.  As best anyone could figure, this would’ve meant taking about $225 million a year from education.  The bill to do this passed a senate committee 8-6.  Educators across the state scrambled to get in touch with lawmakers.

When all smoke had cleared from both special sessions, about $80 million went from ETF to the General Fund.  In return, changes were made in the Rolling Reserve Act that benefited education.

However, the General Fund remains in dire shape and chances are very good that when the legislature goes into session next February there will be other efforts to prop up this fund with more money from education.