We’ve just talked about the state’s new strategic plan for education and how some people reacted to it.  This was rolled out May 24 at a marathon state school board work session.  The discussion about the plan took two hours.

And even though the plan was referred to as “audacious,” it was never presented as a work in progress.  It was more like Moses returning with the Ten Commandments etched in stone.  This is what we have come up with and we want you to know about it.  Never, never was there any implication that the state department was looking for input.  If there was, this totally escaped state board members in attendance.

In light of this, it is interesting that state superintendent Mike Sentance has sent out a memo to all school system superintendents telling them that he has planned five stops around the state to discuss the new plan “and receive feedback and suggestions.  Your ideas as practitioners will be important in developing a plan that will support the success of our students.”

Isn’t this what you normally do before you write a plan?  Talk to lots of people and get lots of input?

Then you digest it all and come up with words to reflect what you’ve heard.  Along with a set of action items that explain what is needed to get from point A to point B.  (The plan released last week has no action items.)

The meetings will be held at Jacksonville, May 31; Saraland, June 2; Dothan, June 6, Montgomery, June 9 and Vernon, June 15.  All will be in the morning.

Once again, it seems that at the 11th hour someone said, “Why don’t we have some meetings around the state?”  So something was cobbled together at the last minute.

Thank goodnee  principals and local superintendents don’t run their schools and their systems in such a haphazard manner.  But then again, if they did, Mike Sentance might give them a 10 percent raise like he did the principals of the 27 weakest schools in Montgomery County.