We’ve told you before how Woodland Prep charter supporters (as well as people at the state department of education in Montgomery) have tried to support their case by using numbers that are dead wrong.  Read about this here.

This time it is their high-priced management consultant, Soner Tarim of Sugarland, TX, who is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of people with “data” that no one can verify or substantiate.  Tarim just sent an email to some of the people opposing Woodland Prep in which he cites math proficiency levels for the five high schools in the system.

Just one problem though.  Where the hell did he get them?  They certainly did not come from data kept by the state department of education for the last five years.  For instance, he claims the math proficiency rate at Millry high school is two percent.  This is a far cry from the 40 percent most recently reported by the state.

Tarim claims math proficiency at Washington County high is two percent, Fruitdale high is three percent, McIntosh high is four percent, Millry high is three percent and Leroy high is eight percent.  I checked data from the state going back to the 2014-15 school year.  Tarim’s numbers don’t come close to anything the state shows.

While it’s true math numbers could be higher in all the Washington County high schools (and which school system couldn’t say this?) but what Tarim wants people to believe is a complete and total misrepresentation.  As any good educator will tell you, the true purpose of data is to measure growth over time.  In this regard, Washington County is doing well.  All five high schools had higher scores in 2017-18 than they did in 2014-15.

Most recent data (like real data  (not something conjured up by someone whose ultimate goal is to make money) show Fruitdale at 25 percent, Leroy at 37 percent, McIntosh at 32 percent, Millry at 40 percent and Washington County high at 31 percent.

Academic growth and graduation rates shows Washington County improving steadily.  Growth numbers are: Fruitdale 76 percent, Leroy 86 percent, McIntosh 96 percent, Millry 84 percent and Washington County high 87 percent.  Grad rates range from 88 percent to 97 percent.  All but one of these exceeds the state graduation rate of 89 percent.

By Tarim’s logic, since Nick Saban won seven and lost six games in his first game at the University of Alabama, they should now hire a new coach.  Ignore the national championships since then.

And this is the guy some folks want in total control of charter schools in Washington County and Montgomery?  Someone who is obviously more interested in deception and lining his pockets than anything else.  How did we sink this low?