You tube fascinates me.  I don’t think I’ve ever looked for anything on it without finding what I was looking for.  And then there are all the things I just “stumble” across.

Like this story about Doug White, who set off from Marco Island, FL on Easter Sunday 2009 to return home to Louisiana in a chartered plane.  They had scarcely gotten underway when the pilot suddenly had a heart attack and died.  Doug’s wife and two daughters were also with him.

While Doug had a wee bit of pilot experience many years ago, he was totally unfamiliar with the King Air 200 they were in.   What happened next can only be described as a “miracle.”  Through the grace of the Good Lord and support of a group of air traffic controllers, Doug was able to land at the Fort Myers airport.

You can relive the entire adventure by going here.  It will take you about 40 minutes, but you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Then you can follow this with the equally gripping celebration of the team who got Doug and his family down by going here.  You have to marvel at all this folks who knew what to do–and then did it.  They were not looking for awards or accolades, they were just well-trained professionals rising to the occasion.

And in these very troubled times, their example is a wonderful lesson for us all.