Alabamians were shocked to get the news that Governor Kay Ivey is undergoing treatment for a cancerous spot on her lung.  I have said a prayer for her, as have people all across the state.

Because we have all been touched by this disease in some form or fashion, while we pray for the best, it is only natural that we fear the worst.

I will never forget the August afternoon in 1988 when a urologist in Dothan told me that I had a mass in my right kidney and since it was  probably malignant, the best thing to do was yank out my kidney.  Talk about getting your attention.

So shortly after I was cut open and out came the kidney. And yes, the mass was malignant.  I was in the hospital 5-6 days and ever since have had tremendous admiration for those kind souls who donate a kidney to someone.  Back then it was a pretty extensive procedure.

However, thankfully I was lucky and did not require any follow up treatment.

I do remember that the doctor said I could not play golf for six weeks.  I also remember that six weeks to the day after the operation I played a course in Eufaula I liked and shot a 74.  (Talk about a blind hog finding an acorn?  I think this was the best score I ever had.)

Then in 2012 another mass was found on my remaining  kidney.  A very skilled doctor at UAB was able to remove the mass and leave most of the kidney.

I left the hospital with a row of staples on the left side of my stomach.  I recuperated at a friend’s in Daphne and when it came time to get rid  of the staples, I called my Auburn classmate, OBY/GYN Dick Roh in Fairhope, who jerked them out.  I told Dick that I was the only male in his waiting room.  He laughed.

And here is hoping and praying that some years from now, Governor Ivey can look back at this time and share some chuckles.

Kay, we are praying for you.