I posted this petition late Saturday (Aug. 13) afternoon as a way for people to show their frustration and disapproval of the State Board of Education deciding on Thursday to hire a non-educator from Massachusetts to be state school superintendent.

Response has been tremendous with 1,350 signees within the first few hours.  The vast majority of respondents are educators.  They are stunned at the board’s decision.

Once upon a time teenager’s bought 45 RPM records, the ones with the big hole in the middle, to listen to songs that today are known as “oldies.”  You know, the ones I still like.  I mention this because back then Billboard magazine published a weekly list showing which songs were most popular and which ones were heading toward the top of the chart.  The really fast moving songs had a bullet beside the title on the chart.

This lead to the expression “up the chart with a bullet.”

And with that bit of trivia now lodged firmly in your head, it is safe to say that our petition is “moving up the chart with a bullet.”

If you have not yet signed, please do by going here.