We have now mentioned the petition begun by Saraland high teacher Justin Nelladge several times.  He now has more than 4,000 folks who have signed this to show their opposition to the RAISE Act.  You can see the petition here.

Even more amazing to me are the more than 1,550 comments people have made about RAISE and those who are supporting it.  I have read a great many comments.  They come from every corner of Alabama.  Many are very heartfelt as teachers tell what their classrooms are like.  Many are very blunt and straight to the point.

A number suggest that if teachers are judged on some type “performance for pay” system, legislators should be judged the same way.  Like every year looking at how many new jobs have come to a legislator’s district, how many folks have moved in or out, is the local economy growing or shrinking, what is happening in regard to local health care, etc.

(The fact that the legislature had two special sessions in 2015 before getting a general fund budget passed is certainly not an indication of a high level of performance.)

If you have not visited Justin’s petition, please do.  And encourage others to do the same.