I posted about the petition against the RAISE Act started by Saraland high school teacher Justin McNellage yesterday.  At that time there were about 1,000 signees.  Just checked and now there are more than 3,000.  If you want to really see how upset folks are, scroll through the comment section on the petition site.

There are pages and pages of heartfelt responses from teachers, retired teachers, parents, etc.

Go here to see the petition.  Hope you will join all the others who are in support of it.

No one seems to know where RAISE is at the moment.  Rumor was that a third draft was in the works.  If so, no one has seen it to my knowledge.

For sure there have been dozens and dozens and dozens of phone calls and emails to legislators about RAISE.  From all reports, many are expressing real reservations about supporting this bill.  At this point, it appears that most of the “action” is in the Senate.   So as they say, “keep the cards and letters coming” and addressed to your senator.