With more than 14,000 school districts in this country, it is a special honor to be singled out by the President.  In fact, you could probably count on your fingers and toes how many have received such recognition..

You can now add the small city system of Piedmont in Calhoun County to this short list.  In a recent speech about the importance of rural America President Obama took note of how progressive this small system has been with computerization.

“In Piedmont, Alabama, school leaders have invested in high-speed connectivity and laptops for every student, so that teachers can tailor lessons to individual students and assess each student’s progress in real time. Already, test scores and graduation rates are up, and tiny Piedmont City School District has emerged as a national model for digital learning.”

Superintendent Matt Akin has guided this effort for the system of 1,200 students and three schools, tucked away in the north end of the county.

Congratulations to Piedmont.  You made us all proud.