Earlier this week the Montgomery city council voted as to whether or not all citizens should wear a face mask during the pandemic.  The vote tied 4-4 and therefore failed.

The following morning Mayor Stephen Reed used an executive order to make masks mandatory.

Council member Glen Pruitt joined Reed at the press conference announcing the executive order to say that he made a mistake in voting against the measure the night before.

Unfortunately, Pruitt’s 19-year-old daughter, Courtney, died of cancer last year.  After the vote, Pruitt asked his wife how he should have voted and she told him, “If Courtney was still alive, you would have supported the vote.”  Pruitt agreed with his wife and changed his mind.

His display of courage and conviction is all too rare these days.

Instead we have people like one of Pruitt’s fellow council members who opposed the mask ordnance and spewed the all-too common malarkey about “constitutional rights.”  Which is basically an admission of how little someone understands about our form of government and how it is supposed to work.

“ANARCHY” is a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.  And invoking constitutional rights in the matter of face masks basically means you favor anarchy.  So the speed limit on the interstate is 70, why should that apply to you?  Slow down when you pass a school?  Hell no, tell the kids to get out of the way.  That stop sign?  Says who?

It doesn’t work that way in our form of government.  We can’t pick and choose what rules we obey and the ones we don’t.  (Though there seem to be plenty of folks around today who don’t understand this.)

We are all in this together.  At least we are supposed to be.

Glen Pruitt recognizes this.  Good for him.