The whole world knows that all of Texas looks more like the Artic Circle than where cowboys roam.  A historic winter storm has cut off electric power and shut down water availability.  People are dying.

So what does U.S. Senator Ted Cruz do?

He hops a plane to Cancun, Mexico.

(As I write this the night of Feb. 18, the low temperature in Dallas is supposed to be 11 degrees while the low in Cancun tomorrow will be 69.)

In this age when everyone has a camera on their cell phone, Cruz was quickly spotted boarding a plane and shortly after his gambit was all over the news.

Cruz said his daughters and some of their friends wanted to take a vacation and he was just being a good dad by going with them.  Undoubtedly some of this is true.  But when you’ve spent the last three days and nights with no electricity or water, this explanation doesn’t get you much sympathy.

Instead, the good folks in the Lone Star state seem to think their senator does not need to abandon them.  Heck, if nothing else, give him a shovel to clear someone’s driveway.

But then, Cruz is much more a “show” horse than a “work” horse.  He would rather be yapping on Fox News than worrying about someone in Grapevine, TX.

(And Ted, if you insist on being on TV, how about shaving that ratty-looking beard?  Real men don’t have such a pitiful beard.  But then, real men don’t desert their neighbors who are in trouble either.)