Thanks to so many who have sent their thoughts and suggestions after learning of my experience with the computer hacker who has turned life on its head for me in the last few days.  I’ve heard from folks who’ve had friends or relatives go through the same thing and suggestions as to how to protect my computer in the future.

But unfortunately my saga continues.

My computer “guru” spent about 90 minutes on my computer this morning trying to figure out how to pay the ransom so that I can unlock my document and picture files.  (I first thought this vandal had magically just snatched my info away into cyberspace.  But then I figured out that it is all still on my computer’s hard drive, I just can’t assess it.)

So computer guy goes on the web site the hacker said we should use to buy “bit coins.”  However, he could not get it to function, or make contact with anyone on the site.  So he moved to another site.  This time the hitch was that my credit card provider is smart enough to know that those who sell bit coins are unsavory folks and they don’t do business with them.  So after several tries and two phone calls, it was on to something else.

So we tried making the purchase through my bank account, only to discover that the bank also recognizes a hoodlum when they see one and will only authorize sending $200 in one day to the vague world of bit coinism.

The hacker uses the name of David Blaine, a magician.  I suppose he justifies this by the fact that he can make computer files disappear right before your very eyes.  I’ve keep him “in the loop” of all the problems and frustrations he is causing.  I’m sure he appreciates my doing so.

Will there be a silver lining to this cloud?  If I knew the answer, I would also tell you who will win Saturday’s game between Auburn and Georgia.  But I know about as much about football as I do computers.

And one quick story.  A good friend was telling her daughter about my problems and that stuff should be stored in “the cloud.”  Like me, she doesn’t really understand what the cloud is and said so.  Her second-grade grand daughter was listening and said she could explain.

“It is just like God and Jesus and Santa Claus,” she said.  “You can’t see them, but you know they are there.  You just have to believe.”

Out of the mouth of babes.