Rep Randall Shedd of Cullman figures if the state board of education can’t get their act together, he will do it for them.

Shedd expressed his concern to a Republican meeting in Cullman.  Speaking about the idea of Mike Sentance to make changes in the Career Tech Education program, Shedd said:

“We’ve seen a seamless process by Dr. Phillip Cleveland and the business community of connecting education and industry in Alabama with Career Tech and Workforce Development.

Career Tech and Workforce Development in its current level gives Alabama a huge advantage in recruiting business and industry.

It is troubling to see such a success story as Dr. Cleveland leaving his post.

It is even more troubling to learn of a non-transparent plan to bury Career Tech and Workforce Development four levels deep in bureaucracy instead of having a meaningful seat at the table.

I encourage the State Board of Education to step in and prevent this mistake before it happens.”

Shedd introduced legislation in 2016 to have the state school superintendent picked in a statewide election, rather than being appointed by the state school board.  This was HB 566 that basically reduces the board to a formality as the bill said that “The authority and duties of the superintendent of Education shall be determined by the Legislature.”

He plans to introduce this bill again next week.  Frankly, Ray Charles could have seen this coming.  Like many in the state, legislators were dumbfounded when the school board hired someone last summer with no education credentials and have watched in the last few months as Mike Sentance has refused to share plans with the board that hired him.

We have a void in education leadership at the state level large enough to put an aircraft carrier in.  If the board fails to step up and provide leadership, lawmakers will.

A few days ago Mike Sentance told a group he had “the full support of the legislature.”  Apparently he forgot to check with Rep. Shedd.