Rep. Terri Collins of Decatur chairs the Education Policy committee in the Alabama House of Representatives.  This means she will have a lot of input as to how Del Marsh’s attempt to repeal the Alabama College & Career ready standards proceeds when it comes across the aisle.

In an article in the Decatur Daily, Collins expresses major concerns about the bill and indicates that it will be studied much more carefully than it was when Marsh rammed it through the Senate.  Collins said that there is “still a lot wrong” with the bill and believes there are unintended consequences.

Though not mentioned by Collins, one of the major issues with this bill from educators is that it requires any standards adopted must also be approved by a legislative committee.  In other words, after standards were developed by professional educators and approved by the state board of educators, final say as to adoption would be up to a group of non-educators.

Talk about one scary thought.

I emailed Ms. Collins and told her how much I appreciate her stance on SB119.  But we need a LOT of folks to do the same.  Will you join me?