Tim Wadsworth is an attorney in Winston County first elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 2014 as a Republican.  He was one of eight Republicans who did not vote for Mike Hubbard for Speaker of the House in 2014.

Neither did he vote to amend the Alabama Accountability Act in the 2017 regular session.  (This bill crashed and burned to the tune of 59 nays and only 28 yeas on the last day of the session.)

Wadsworth serves on the House Judiciary committee, as well as Children and Senior Advocacy and Local Legislation committees.

Over the Labor Day weekend Wadsworth posted his thoughts about state superintendent Mike Sentance on Facebook.  He did not mince words.

“It’s time for State Superintendent Michael Sentance’s tenure to end.  2013 State Superintendent of the Year terminated.  It is a cumulation of events over his time as State Superintendent that leads to this conclusion.  Public education is too important.  Failing to understand needs of public education.”

Many legislator friends have expressed the same sentiments to me privately.  However, Rep. Wadsworth may be the first to express himself openly.