The name of this little blog is Education is Everyone’s Business.  I did not choose that lightly because it is something I believe in strongly.  We all have a stake in our schools, whether we have children or grandchildren in them or not.  What happens in our schools today will impact our own tomorrows.  Just as what happened in them 25-30 years ago is impacting us today.

Most public school students in Alabama they head off to a new school year within the next 10 days.  So it is the time of year when principals and teachers are rushing to handle last minute details to get classrooms and buildings ready.  All over the state community volunteers are joining in.  Some have organized drives to collect school supplies for teachers, while others have grabbed hammers, shovels and rakes to spruce up buildings and grounds.  Just yesterday (Friday) a superintendent friend sent a picture of her and some of her staff busy hoeing weeds out of a school flower bed in south Alabama.

And today in Hoover, more than 300 fathers and sons turned out to lend a hand on projects at all of the system’s 10 elementary schools.  The event was planned for a number of months and support came from a large number of local businesses.  What a great way for a community to show that Education is Everyone’s Business.