To say the Alabama education community was stunned in July when they heard the governor appointed Matt Brown of Fairhope to a vacancy on the state school board, is an understatement.  This is my first post about this turn of events.  Published on July 17, it received 18,197 views.  And of the top ten most read posts this year, four of them were about this appointment.

Since then I’ve made speeches all over the state, from Huntsville to Mobile.  This appointment has been mentioned at every stop.  The primary duty of the state board is to advocate for public schools.  Matt Brown’s only involvement at that time with public schools was to fight hard against a school tax vote for Baldwin County schools last March.   No one could figure out why an opponent of public schools, who never attended public schools himself, was qualified for this position.

Any decision made by the governor is considered to be “political” in some form or fashion.  But one would hope and pray that when it comes to the well-being of 730,000 Alabama public school students, what is right would outweigh politics.  In this case, I’ve yet to see that this is what happened.