We told you earlier about the case of missing school teachers in east Alabama.  They are ones who serve on Senator Del Marsh’s Teacher Advisory Committee.

Through investigative reporting, we know that a large number of teachers contacted Senator Marsh’s office as directed to let him know they wanted to serve.  We also know the senator has talked about this group on both the floor of the senate and a television program.  However, given the fact that no one can find any of those picked for the committee, there is growing concern for their whereabouts and safety.

Since Senator Marsh has parts of Calhoun, Clay and Talladega counties in his district, he asked that teachers from only this area join his team.  Consequently, we have confined our search to this region.

But it is an area of nearly 2,000 square miles and more than 1.1 million acres (nearly 400,000 acres in just the Talladega National Forest alone) which hampers search efforts.  Many areas of the three counties are very rural and heavily wooded.

One concerned citizen suggested that these teachers may have been part of the Bowling Green Massacre that Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s spokesperson, told us about.  However, a thorough check of the internet indicates that there is no list of victims of this massacre, and in fact, no record of the event at all.

Considering the severity of this situation, we traveled to the district to talk to locals who might shed light on where these teachers may be.

Our first stop was in a hardware store in Ashland, county seat of Clay County, where we interviewed several local hunters familiar with the surrounding countryside.

One, who was wearing a Make America Great Again Tee-shirt and a battered cap proclaiming “Roll Tide”, told us.  “I went to Viet Nam and I’m here to tell you we’ve got woods hereabouts that are every bit as dense as those jungles over there.  We got places like Millersville, Pynton and Cragford where you could put parts of New York City and no one would find ’em.  Lord knows where they might be hiding.”

Another told about escapees from the Federal prison at Talladega who eluded law enforcement for days and days.  “There was this one feller who hid out somewhere around Waldo and even the blood hounds and helicopters couldn’t find him.”

We then went to Ohatchee where we found a group of old-timers drinking coffee at a fast-food restaurant.  None of them had heard about the missing teachers.  One said, “Last teacher I ever saw was the one I had in the 6th grade when I dropped out of school.”  Another suggested that we look in the Rabbittown vicinity.  “No telling what you might find over there.” he said.

Still another suggested that we get in touch with Barney Fife.  And though we were distressed to do so, we informed him that both Barney and Sheriff Andy are dead.  He was stunned.

So the missing teacher search stretches on with not a clue in sight.  Again, if you have any information pertaining to this situation, please let me know: larrylee133@gmail.com