Editor’s note:  Some of us thought the Nov. 3 election would come and go and, regardless the outcome, life would move on.  We were wrong.  If anything, the chaos leading to the Nov. 3 election paled amidst what has since transpired.  This chaos turned to violence last week as people stormed the U.S. capitol, leaving five people dead.  Now our thoughts have turned to Jan. 20, inauguration day for Joe Biden to become our next President.  Authorities talk of turning Washington into a virtual military zone in hopes of preventing more violence.

Like so many, the horror of what might unfold that day leaves me totally at a loss for words.  And the more I ponder the situation, the more I am compelled to seek comfort in prayer.

To this end, I penned the following:

Oh God, Our Father:

We come to you seeking peace for our country and comfort for our hearts.  We have turned to you for countless decades when we faced dire circumstances such as war, heath issues and social strife that threated to turned our citizens against each other.

We have sought your wisdom and counsel.  We have sought the calmness that only you can bring to our land.

We have begged for forgiveness and that you rid our hearts and minds of thoughts that betray the foundation our forefathers built this land on.

You have never failed us.

So we lift our voices again.  From every corner of this great land, from sea to sea and from horizon to horizon.

Our voices are more diverse than ever before.  But rather than celebrating this diversity and reaching out to embrace it, too many voices have instead turned to those same prejudices that time after time have set us back, not moved us forward.

We find ourselves mired in chaos once again.  Chaos incited in large measure by voices that betray us and this land we love dearly.

And as we approach the day when a new cadre of leaders are supposed to take over the reins of our government, there are voices calling for disruption and perhaps violence.  At a time when we need sanity, some preach just the opposite.

Oh God, Our Father:

Hear our plea and cast your spirit across this wonderful land so that tomorrow will be greater than yesterday.