Last week senate majority leader Del Marsh of Anniston stirred up a hornet’s nest when he told a reporter that it was OK with him if more people in Alabama got Covid-19.;

As might be expected when a politician says something this dumb, there was immediate reaction from both citizens and media.

Within hours, the good senator was saying that he made “a poor choice of words.”

In other words, his mouth went into gear before his brain did.

Not all who contract Covid-19 die, To date there have been 52,908 confirmed cases in Alabama and 1,093 deaths.  This is only two percent.  But guess what, not a single soul has died from the virus who did not have it.  Which to me means the fewer  people who get Covid-19, the fewer who die.

I got lots of emails from friends about my post on this topic, all of them wondering how Marsh could make a statement this stupid.

My response to all of them was simply, “How could voters in Calhoun County vote for someone this stupid?”

We should always remind ourselves when we rant and rave about elected officials, that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is in office because they got the most votes.  In other words, the bigger shame is not the poor choice of words by a state senator, it is the poor choice of a state senator by his constituents..