Rand Paul is Kentucky’s junior senator, having been elected in 2010.  He seems to take delight in being a contrarian.  Most recently one of his favorite targets has been Dr. Anthony Fauci who has risen to prominence during the virus pandemic.

This past week he challenged Fauci once again about wearing masks and told Fox News that Fauci was lying.  He also said Fauci is :unconcerned about “liberty” and is “wearing two masks for theater.”

Fauci countered on CBS that Paul is “dead wrong” about the need for masks.  Fauci added that, “he was saying if you’ve been infected, or you’ve been vaccinated, don’t wear a mask–which is completely against all public health tenets”.

Fauci is director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases and has served in various public heath capacities for more than 50 years.  He has been an advisor to every president since Ronald Reagan.  President George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the country.

Paul is an ophthalmologist with no experience with viruses or pandemics.  He ran for president in 2016 but abandoned his campaign after finishing fifth in the Iowa caucuses.

And when you look closely at his political career, you find things that raise concerns,

He has been known to flip flop on issues.  For instance, in his first senate campaign in 2010 he pledged in the primary to not take money from lobbyists.  However, he reversed course in the general election and claimed that his pledge only applied to the primary.  He raised eyebrows when he made contradicting statements about the Civil Rights  Act of  1964.

And in 2013 it was discovered that he had plagiarized the work of others a number of times in his speeches and writings.  In fact, the Washington Times stopped using his weekly columns because of this.

But here is my question for Senator Paul.  If you feel that wearing a mask is somehow anti-American, why don’t you go after seatbelts?

We are all supposed to wear seatbelts.  Buckling my seatbelt is a reflex for me.  I wear it all the time.  However, I have never had a wreck and my seatbelt has never saved me from bodily harm.  So all those thousands of times  I have worn it have been for naught.  But be that as it may, I will continue to buckle up.  Just as I will continue to wear a mask.

As for Senator Paul, I will pay no attention to his hot air.  When you portray someone else’s words as your own, the journalist in me immediately writes you off.