On this first weekend of September when college football reappears throughout the country and once again becomes the religion of the South, wanted to share this very special story about Florida State University football player Travis Rudolph.

Recently Travis was visiting a local middle school when he noticed a youngster sitting by himself at lunch in the cafeteria.  So he joined the young man and had a great conversation with him.  The student was Bo Paske, who is autistic.

According to Rudolph, “He started off and was so open.  He told me his name was Bo, and how much he loves Florida State, and he went from there.”

Naturally in today’s world where everyone (except me) has a cell phone that takes pictures, a photo of Rudolph and Bo was soon on the internet and lead to a segment on “Fox and Friends” with Bo, Rudolph and Bo’s mom Leah.

Bo described his experience in this wonderful way, “It was like me sitting on a rainbow.”

It’s a heart-warming story of the thoughtfulness of Travis Rudolph and a reminder that this is a much better place than so many want to portray.  And a reminder that schools really are about children.

P. S.  The day after the picture was snapped, Bo sat at a table full of girls at lunch.