About 8:30 Thursday night I went to the Family Dollar store around the corner to get some toilet paper.  (Something none of wish to run out of.)

Found what I needed and paid my bill.  Then stuck my hand in my overalls pocket for my car keys.

Oh no.  They weren’t in the pocket.  I was flabbergasted.  How could they not be?  I clearly recalled dropping them in there as I got out of the car.. I immediately retraced my steps through the store, looking up and down each aisle.  I patted myself down, thinking they might be in another pocket. (You see, overalls have plenty of pockets, which is one reason I like them).  But nothing.

All I have on my key chain is a car key and a house key.  I thought I had another car key in the car’s console.  Thankfully I had not locked the car when I got out.  Also thankfully I had not locked the house because the only spare I knew of was in a kitchen cabinet.

Found the car key in the console and headed home–disgusted with myself.

The next afternoon, which was Good Friday, I dropped back by Family Dollar praying that my keys had turned up.   The same clerk was at the register as she had been the night before.

By chance, has anyone turned in some keys? I inquired.  The young lady said she did not know of any, which was what I expected.  So I headed for my car..

As I settled behind the wheel, another employee came running out dangling some keys.  They were mine.  She said a customer found them in the parking lot and turned them in.

I wanted to kiss her, but decided that would not really be appropriate in broad daylight.  Still, I was elated and thanked her profusely.

And suddenly my Good Friday was just that.

Now history will never record what happened on April 2 in a Family Dollar parking lot in Montgomery  But I will never forget and will always be grateful..


President Biden announced his plans for an infrastructure bill this week.  The reaction from Republicans was immediate and expected.  They decried both the cost and the content, claiming most of the bill does not deal with infrastructure.

I find it interesting that the GOP has suddenly found religion when it comes to spending money, especially in light of the fact that the national debt went up 37 percent under President Trump and they never said a word.

And secondly, what is NOT really infrastructure?  If you spend money on education you are improving the education level of society.  If you spend money on health care, again you are making this country’ better.  Likewise with social programs and on and on.  Infrastructure is much, much more than roads and bridges  But if your only reason to be in Washington is to bitch and moan, why deal in reality?

And I wonder if those Alabama Republican congressmen who scream and holler about anything Biden proposes have ever driven from Montgomery to Birmingham on a Friday afternoon when what is normally a 90 minute drive may easily turn in three hours.

Where would this country be if President Franklin Roosevelt had not looked into the future and conceived the need for an interstate highway network and President Eisenhower had not decided to move ahead with this project.  This was not smooth sailing for Ike as some in congress complained about the cost and groups like the truckers fought any plan to raise fuel taxes to cover the cost.  But Ike and some forward-thinking leaders in Washington would not be denied and interstates now crisscross the nation.

But seems that “forward thinking” is a four letter word in Washington these days and the future does not extend beyond the next  election cycle.