One of the pleasures of serving on the board of the Network for Public Education with Diane Ravitch, was getting to know folks across the country who are actively working to alert the public to the growing efforts to privatize public education, to ignore good research and to get rich in the process.  One was Anthony Cody from California.

In this post on his blog, Cody tells about a documentary film, Education, Inc. that will be released Aug. 14.  Film maker Brian Malone traveled the country attending school board meetings, visiting schools, talking to education “leaders” and parents to get a more representative view than presented in documentary/propaganda efforts such as Waiting for Superman.

What Brian found is that some enormously wealthy individuals and foundations have bought a place at the table and feel compelled to force their will–and bad ideas–on public education and try to remake it as they see fit.

This a story about David vs. Goliath as much as anything.  And Education Inc is another rock for David’s slingshot.  I have ordered my DVD copy.