A few days ago a longtime friend, who happens to be a two-year college president, was telling me how it is becoming extremely difficult to hire or retain instructors for technical programs.  Folks like nurses, welders and plumbers can make far more plying their trade than they can as a two-year instructor.

So the president is caught between the continuing emphasis on ramping up technical course offerings and the reality of finding and keeping top-notch instructors.

Given this, it was hardly a surprise when I got an email from the president a couple of days ago with the subject being “my blood is boiling.”

Attached was an article from AL.com dealing with the impending retirement of a senior vice president at UAB who has been involved with fund-raising, alumni affairs and public relations.  The article also mentioned that the person retiring had a contract employee with the title of acting associate vice president of marketing and public relations.

Are you sitting down?

The employee was paid $28,750 PER MONTH.

My calculator says that is $345,000 a year.  For an “acting associate vice president.”  After seeing this, your first thought is, how much was the person retiring making?

As the offspring of a daddy and mama who grew up in the Great Depression and a grandfather who was a sharecropper, this is downright criminal.  And it is certainly a slap in the face to hundreds of teachers and principals who have not had a raise in years and struggle to round up supplies for their room.

We often wonder why Alabamians vote down efforts to raise more money for education.  Here is exhibit No. 1.