With so much attention now focused on Washington and the battle to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, what would once have seemed bizarre is just now seeming to be the “new normal.”  You know like “alternative facts.”

Pat Toomey is a Republican U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.  He is committed to voting for DeVos.  And like many in Washington, he has also been the beneficiary of campaign money from DeVos.  To be precise, records show he got $55,800.

So not to be outdone, some anti-DeVos folks in Toomey’s home state have started a GoFund Me campaign to raise at least $55,900 to give to Toomey.  Their reasoning is that if they can “outbid” DeVos, they can switch the senator’s vote.

At this point the first impulse is to laugh.  Loudly.  But you don’t because you know that money is the mother’s milk of politics, always has ben and always will be.

If you don’t think so, spend some time of the Alabama Secretary of State website looking at who gave the most money to state school board campaigns last year.  Hint.  It was not educators.