The previous posts concerning the search for a new state superintendent have created a lot of attention from all over Alabama.  Many  have emailed and wanted to know what they could do.

My standard reply is contact the members of the state board and share your thoughts.  I’m sure they are looking for input from one and all, especially those directly involved in education and who know how important getting the right state superintendent is to them.

Here are the members of the state board and their email address:

District 1–Matt Brown (

District 2–Betty Peters (

District 3–Stephanie Bell (

District 4–Yvette Richardson (

District 5–Ella Bell  (

District 6–Cynthia McCarty (

District 7–Jeff Newman (

District 8–Mary Scott Hunter (

Use this link to see a map of Alabama and where each district is located.

Supposedly in our form of government, all voices are equal.  But silent voices are less equal than those that speak out.