Eric Mackey has now been on the job for one year.  Which means it is time to grade his performance.  So the last thing on the agenda at the May 9 state board meeting was giving him and all board members the results of his first evaluation.  There was no discussion.

Trish Crain with took an extensive look at his scores and how each board member rated Mackey.

Here is my summary.  What jumps out is that if you took this report card home to mama, you would probably hand it to her and run.  Because after all the numbers are crunched and sorted, his composite score on a scale of 1-5 was only 3.67.   If 5 is an A, 4 is a B and 3 is a C, he got a C+.  This does not get you on the honor roll or in the Beta Club.

Generally the scores fell into two groups, those who voted for Mackey to become superintendent and those who did not.  Of the present  board, only Jeff Newman, Cynthia McCarty and Governor Kay Ivey voted for him last year.  Both Betty Peters and Mary Scott Hunter who supported Mackey, are no longer on the board.

Tracie West, who replaced Peters and came on the board in January, participated in the evaluation.  Wayne Reynolds replaced Mary Scott Hunter.  However, due to a lingering illness he did not participate.  He did not attend the May 9 meeting.

Newman gave Mackey the highest rating of anyone, 4.62.  Next was McCarty with 4.46, Yvette Richardson with 4.38, Trace West with 4.04,  Governor Ivey with 3.82, Jackie Zeigler with 3.38, Stephanie Bell with 1.33 and Ella Bell with 1.0.  Obviously Mackey has done a poor job of mending fences with Zeigler and Stephanie Bell and Ella Bell.  And were I him, I would be very concerned that at this point, the governor doesn’t think he is worthy of the honor roll or the Beta Club.

Mackey was rated in six categories: Goals; Personal qualities; Performance and key job responsibilities,; Relations with the public; Reflective assessment individual and Reflective assessment, board as a whole.

His strongest score with 4.41 was Personal qualities and weakest with 3.32 was Performance and key job responsibilities.  In other words, the board has less confidence in him to do his job than anything else.  That is certainly a cause for concern.

However, as pointed out by the Montgomery Advertiser here. we do know he likes hotdogs.  Though for the life of me I can’t figure out how going to lunch is press worthy or has much of anything to do with making schools better.