Social media is full of tributes to teachers these days from  parents realizing just how difficult their jobs are.  Here is one that got my attention:


Next year, I don’t care if you make the school supply list 10 pages long.  I’ll get you whatever you ask for.  You want eight dozen pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils?  They’re yours. You want 27 single subject notebooks with real dragon skin covers?  I got you. Fifty bottles of hand sanitizer?  Seems reasonable.  A baby unicorn?  I’ll make it happen. Whatever you want. Let me know if you have any food restrictions, ’cause I’m hiring you a personal chef. You want a masseuse to rub your shoulders while you grade papers?  I can make that happen for you, my Queen.

Y’all, these kids are rotten.  Mine.  Yours.  Karen’s.  All of them, nerve wracking little monsters, and these sweet Angels that God saw fit to send us to educate our children are freaking ROCK STARS, and we do NOT give them enough credit.  Or money. These teachers should all be driving Bentleys. Or better yet, a Rolls Royce with a personal driver. They should all be living in 5000 square foot mansions with in- ground heated pools.

So teachers, thank you.  Also, I know that I gave birth to them, but I’m gonna need you to come and get your kids before I lose my ever- loving mind.


A Mama Who Has Had Enough of Coronacation and Trying To Homeschool these Heathens”