So who the heck in Stuart Frandsen?

He is a young man in Birmingham who owns Alabama Bio Clean, a company that specializes in biohazard abatement.  Which means he is very busy during these times.

And why I say he should be heading our national effort is because while political “leaders” were downplaying the threat of the coronavirus and even calling it a political hoax, Frandsen was paying close attention to China and preparing for the worst.   He hired extra staff in December and January and got them trained as technicians.  In December he put in a 16-month stockpile of personal protective equipment and disinfectants.

This is a far cry from what we are all now too familiar with.  Politicians of all stripes sending the public mixed signals about the pandemic every day,  The interpretation of what health professionals are saying is determined by which cable news channel you watch and who they are supporting for President.

No.  We were not ready.  You are never fully prepared for such.

Tsunamis are caused by offshore earthquakes that dispense enormous volumes of water that send huge waves crashing into land.  Japan has been hit by many of them.  You can easily find videos on the internet of them inundating coastal communities.  The destruction is indescribable.

It could be argued that millions and millions of tons of concrete could be used to build giant seawalls to protect Japan’s coast.  But it has not been done.  Nor will it be done.  It is simply about having a finite amount of resources and allocating them in ways to benefit the maximum number of people.

So we were not ready.

I do not hold anyone at fault for this being the case.

But the bumbling and fumbling and finger pointing that has gone on since we realized the seriousness of this situation is sickening.  Yesterday is gone.  Forever.  Tomorrow is all that counts.

And since this is the United States of America, it seems to me that the Federal government should be the one entity overseeing everything. Having one state competing against other states for needed supplies is irrational.

We have been invaded by a foreign enemy.  Every citizen is under attack.  If this enemy carried guns and rockets and mortars and was attacking us town by town, would the Federal government tell every state that their national guard would have to get on the phone and round up their own ammunition?

Stuart Frandsen saw what was on the horizon.  He took action.  Rational, meaningful action.  Unfortunately, this is not the way Washington seems to work.