Michael Steele is an attorney from Maryland who was once that state’s Lt. Governor.  He is seen often on cable news as one of dozens of commentators.  He is also a former chairman of the National Republican Committee.  As best I can tell, even though he is a Republican, he is not a fan of President Trump.

I saw him recently in a discussion about the pandemic when he uttered a line I wish I had thought of.

He said that while many countries appear to be getting control of Covid 19, this country is “stuck with stupid.”

And from my little cave in Montgomery where the days run together and I seldom leave the house, I have to agree with him.  One thing I am not doing is planning a trip to NYC because they won’t allow people from Alabama to visit without being quarantined for 14 days.

Where is the leadership?  Who is in charge?  Why does the government put out guidelines for how to deal with the virus while the White House ignores them?

The President said months ago that we have been invaded by an invisible enemy.  He is right.

But what if the enemy was not invisible?  What if every time we looked down the street we saw the enemy darting from house to house?  Would we do what Washington did and tell every state and every city to arm themselves as best they can and fight their own fight?  Yet this is what we did in the initial stages of the pandemic.  When everyone was scrambling for protective gear and ventilators. Washington said, “Good luck.”

Where was the coordinated national effort to get everyone the necessary ammo to battle the enemy?  Instead, we basically said to each state, good luck in finding enough BB guns or cap pistols, or sling shots or bazookas to win the war.  And we spent a lot of time pointing fingers and blaming someone else for the mess.

Comparing Iceland to the U.S. is fraught with peril.  The entire country has only 360,000 citizens, fewer than Birmingham.  However, the fact that this island nation defeated the virus can not be overlooked.  How?  Health care workers–not politicians–directed their efforts.  Obviously they decided against being stuck with stupid.