Once again we return to Baldwin County to check on our young friend, Sully, the fifth-grade grandson of assistant superintendent Hope Zenah.

Sully has his eye set on a video game and has been diligently trying to find ways to earn money to buy the game.  So grandmother told him that she would pay him $25 to wash her car and clean the inside as well.

He jumped at the chance and two hours later came running for grandmother to proudly show her his handiwork.

He could not have been prouder, Hope told me.  “And he should have been because he did a great job.”

Except.  For. One. Thing.

The brush he used to clean the car had a long handle and stiff bristles.  Something more along the order of what you would use to sweep a sidewalk, not wash fenders.  The result was lots and lots of scratches.

Hope did not have the heart to show Sully what happened.  Nor would I.

So off she went to the nearest car detail shop and for $75 got it waxed and buffed with nary a scratch showing.

God bless him.  We all need Sully “moments” to brighten our days.