Since Governor Bentley loves to trot out NAEP scores to tell us all how bad our schools are and how great they are in Massachusetts we decided to look at other measurements often used to get a handle on school performance.

We came up with the 2015 SAT scores that you can find here.

There sits Alabama–not in last place–but actually in 23rd.

And guess who has lower SAT scores than we do?  Massachusetts.  In fact, Alabama has better scores than New York, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  All of New England.

Among southern states, we did better than South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

The College Board, a non-profit with 6,000 education institutions as members that started in 1900, administers the SAT.  And they caution that too much emphasis should not be placed on state by state comparisons because of the wide difference of how many students take the test in each state.

Their cautions echo those that should be applied to any comparison of any test.  So we advice reviewing these numbers with a grain of salt.  However, as long as politicians are intent on cherry-picking numbers that suit their agenda, it is only fair to point out other numbers that tell an entirely different story.