Early last summer I mentioned that I had written a book about my thoughts as how Alabama’s cotton economy still impacts much of who we are and how we react to things.

This came about because my longtime friend, Randall Williams here in Montgomery had mentioned several times that I should write a book.  My standard reply was, “At my age, why do I want to put myself in jail for a year?” which seemed to me to be what writing a book would require.

Instead I sent Randall and New South Publishing a manuscript I did several years ago for a three-part series for a national publication.  To my surprise he suggested that we publish this as a book, even though it was the length of a long essay, not what I consider to be a book.  And so it all happened and lo and behold, one day you could go on Amazon and buy this just like you can something John Grisham or Rick Bragg have written.

I bought about 50 myself and either gave them away or sold them for less than Amazon was asking.  I certainly did not make a fuss about it or go on a book tour where folks line up in bookstores to get your autograph on their brand new copy.  But since my son Kevin has written a “real” book that has lots of pages, I did tell him that his pappy was also a published book author.

So yesterday afternoon I went to the mailbox to get the usual assortment of solicitations to buy burial insurance, get my oil changed and have my hearing checked the mail man leaves daily.  But surprise, surprise there was an envelope from New South Publishing with a check inside.  Needless to say, that was the first envelope I opened.

And right there in my hands and before my eyes was a check for $14.56.

It brought a laugh for sure.  As well as a feeling of satisfaction.  Just like I’m sure happens when Rick or John go pick up the mail.