If you are an education “junkie” chances are you are familiar with Education Week, one of the top sources for info about all facets of education.

Here is a great example.  Titled U.S. Education in 2017 in 10 Charts, this article uses graphs to get the message across since numbers can sometimes explain an issue better that words.

The topic that grabbed my attention is Many Educators Are Skeptical of School Choice, Including Conservatives.  A national survey by the publication released in December indicated that classroom teachers, principals and superintendents are highly skeptical of vouchers, charter schools and tax-credit scholarships.  These include many who voted for Donald Trump.

Response by 1,007 people to the question: Do you support or oppose the formation of charter schools, publicly funded schools that are not managed by the local school board? showed 45 percent opposed.  And 26 percent somewhat opposed.  On the other hand, only 7 percent said they were totally supportive.

Interestingly enough, 65 percent of Trump voters oppose charter schools.  However, Betsy DeVos, Trump’s secretary of education, is a wholehearted charter support.  But then all survey respondents were educators and DeVos is not.

Some 1,002 responded to the question: Do you support or oppose government funding to help pay for students’ tuition at private schools?

Of these, 58 percent are completely opposed and 19 percent are somewhat opposed.  Only 8 percent completely support.  As to Trump voters, 70 percent oppose.

So why do we have private school vouchers through the Alabama Accountability Act and the mayor of Montgomery pushing charters schools?  Because none of those supporting such measures are educators.