Today’s update on the search to find the missing teachers on Senator Del Marsh’s advisory committee generated an immense outpouring from concerned citizens across the state.  My in-box overlowed with messages, many with suggestions of where to look for the teachers, some willing to volunteer their time, some with ideas about what may actually be taking place.

A correspondent in Calhoun County has a theory that the teachers are not public school employees, but actually work for private schools that get voucher money from Senator Marsh’s beloved Alabama Accountability Act.  If so, she believes they may be “playing dead” in the vicinity of Possum Trot Road north of Jacksonville.

A long time resident of Tallapoosa County filed this report: I’ve contacted Coon Creek Hunting Club Search and Rescue here in Reeltown.  They are sending a crew out tomorrow morning led by Bobby Joe McDaniel and Bubba “the Reel Deal” Moore.  Two of Reeltown’s finest. If there is a teacher or rabbit near Rabbittown they will sniff them out. Need a point of contact near Rabbittown.

An educator in Jefferson County says a group of concerned citizens will be dredging the Cahaba River for bodies of the missing teachers later this week.  A retired teacher in Shelby County will be searching her closets and underneath her beds.  “I know how many dust bunnies should be there, so nothing will get by me,”  she reports.

A newspaper man from northwest Alabama thinks a search party should be dispatched to Bee Mountain.  As he is a native of south Alabama who decided to leave quickly one December day when revenuers were spotted just down the road, he also though they might be around Owassa in Conecuh County.

A north Alabama principal wonders if they might actually be dance “teachers” or even ones who teach Yoga just to throw us off their trail.

The warmest clue comes from east Alabama where someone actually knows a teacher in Calhoun County who was invited to join this group by Senator Marsh.  She agreed and has not heard anything since.  This lead certainly seems worthy of pursuing.  Sounds like a job for Bobby Joe McDaniel and the Reel Deal Moore.

Of course, it is only natural that there is intense interest in hunts such as this in the first day or two–and then folks wander off to be about their daily lives.  But let’s join in humble prayer to prevent this from happening.

By the way, what kind of call is one supposed to make when looking for a lost teacher?    Does, “Here teacher teacher” work?