Though never a teacher himself, state superintendent Mike Sentance is not hesitant to cast stones at those who are.  He has said that many Alabama math teachers could not be hired in other states, that our teachers are poorly prepared to teach and that many use scripted lessons because their principals have no confidence in them.

Naturally this constant berating does not go over well with educators.  Especially coming from someone who never earned a paycheck by working in a classroom.  To me, this criticism is as valid as all those fans sitting around me in Jordan-Hare stadium when the quarterback throws an interception and they instantly proclaim how awful he is.  And how many of them have ever stood before 80,000 screaming people with 300 pound defensive linemen running at them intent on detaching their head from the rest of their body?

You guessed it.  Exactly zero.

Now educators and their supporters are asking that Mike Sentance spend a week in a classroom teaching a class in a high poverty school before he makes his next declaration about eliminating funding for programs, talking about how poorly teachers do their job and hiring another high-priced consusltant.

Several years ago I spend a day in a pre-K classroom as a teacher’s aide.  No one told me to, I just wanted to see what it was like.  And it was life altering to say the least.

Go here to sign the petition asking Mike Sentance to walk in the shoes of a teacher for one week.

The Alabama Science Teachers Association held a conference in Birmingham a few days ago.  Sentance was invited to speak.  He did not show up.  Maybe because he did not want to face their questions.  Maybe because he has little in common with them.

He can change this in just five days.