What folks are saying about Larry Lee:

Larry Lee is one of the South’s best bloggers. Given his many years of experience in Alabama, he knows the people and the schools. He is down home and a straight talker.

Diane Ravitch, Former Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education, NYC

Larry provides a voice for the voiceless and is a moral compass for what is or should be right for children in public education in the state of Alabama.  I can always count on him to bring a passionate argument, with facts, to the table and at the end of the day work together to […]

Tommy Bice, State Superintendent

Larry is the one voice that stands up and speaks as a true friend of public education.

Hope Zeanah, Assistant Superintendent, Baldwin County Schools

Larry shines a light on public education in areas that often are neglected, such as rural and economically-deprived school systems.  

Chuck Marcum, Roanoke City Superintendent

Within our state’s current political environment dominated by smoke and mirrors of political rhetoric, Larry has single handedly served as a relentless advocate for what is best for school children and has shed light on deception.

Craig Pouncey, Jefferson County Superintendent

Larry makes it his crusade to inform educators  across the state about issues we would not know about if it was not for him.

Richard Bryant, retired principal, Wilcox County

Larry not only searches out information and facts about what schools have, need, and are up against, he visits schools to see what wonderful things are truly going on to educate the children of Alabama regardless the obstacles they face..

Amy Hiller, principal, Meek Elementary, Winston County

As a non-educator, Larry’s view is so informative and so right on. I wish elected officials would follow this blog, they could learn a lot!

Janice Charlesworth, executive director, Alabama Education Retirees Assn.

Larry excels in powerful investigative, enlightening journalism, where facts, liberally spiced with humor, rule.  

Cynthia McCarty, Alabama State Board of Education member

Larry brings a unique perspective to public education. His comments are candid, accurate and a source of wisdom for taxpayers.

Janet Womack, Florence City Schools Superintendent

Larry is a passionate reporter of how things are.  Sometimes he shows us the joys and successes of what takes place in classrooms and schools.  Many times he points out the inconsistencies between what should be and what really is.  But, beyond making us aware, he crusades for what is right. 

Mike Robinson, Metis Leadership Group, New Jersey

If you want to know the real scoop on education in Alabama, read Larry Lee.  

Nez Calhoun, Public Information Officers, Jefferson County School System

With his passion for truth and for honesty, Larry has a journalist’s commitment to telling real stories with honesty, compassion and depth.    Larry Lee and I served together on the Board of the Network for Public Education.  During that time, I found Larry to be a tireless advocate for public education.  As a native […]

Phyllis Bush, retired educator, co-founder of Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education, Fort Wayne, IN

Larry is a voice for all that is good in Alabama’s public education. His “down home” insights and data informed examples paint clear portraits of courageous educational leaders and teachers, appreciative students and engaged communities.

Cindy Reed, Dean College of Education & Human Services, Northern Kentucky University

Larry uses real people and real life experiences to get the truth across in a way that may tug on your heartstrings or may make you laugh but always makes you think and most importantly makes you ask, how can I help in this effort to better the opportunities for all.

Kim Benefield, former State Senator, Woodland, AL

Larry’s passion and concern for Alabama’s children is evident in every word he writes, as well as his actions.  He has spent countless hours with educators in their classrooms and traveled thousands of miles (on his own dollar) to seek firsthand experiences with Alabama’s teachers so that his views are grounded in fact. 

Charlotte Kirkland Williams, retired educator

I know of no other person who puts as much time, research, and travel into understanding and promoting public education.  

Amy Bryan, Butler County Superintendent

Larry is more than a friend to education.  He is a fearless advocate convicted to promote a quality education for Alabama’s children, particularly those in our most rural and poverty-ridden communities.  Unlike so many self-proclaimed education advocates, Larry Lee “gets” it. 

Melissa Shields, National Board Certified Teacher

Larry is a committed and persuasive voice for all public school students, but his passion is for fair and equitable treatment for the state’s many disadvantaged students.  He is the leading advocate for better education for all Alabama public school students.  

Thomas Harrison, former President, Troy University-Dothan

I’m grateful for the voice of reason that Larry offers on behalf of the children of this state who often have no way to navigate through the maize that is state politics.

Ted Watson, Andalusia city superintendent

Larry is passionate about HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters) and has traveled many miles to learn as much as he can about the program.  His articles reflect his passion and his quest for the facts to enlighten all of us.

Jane Sellers, Clarke County HIPPY director

I always enjoy reading Larry Lee’s work! His articles are interesting, well-written, and thought-provoking. 

Terri Tomlinson, retired principal, George Hall elementary, Mobile

If there were a Heisman Trophy for public education advocates, Larry would own it, hands down. 

Sherrill Parris, Senior Deputy State Superintendent of Education

Larry is relentless in his demand that America wake up and strengthen the bonds between public education and society.

Gary Funk, Director, Rural School Collaborative, Cambridge, WI

Larry realizes that every child can succeed, but not at the same pace and level.  He has seen firsthand, and written so many true stories of what occurs daily in our schools and in the lives of our children.

Jackie Ergle, principal, Phil Campbell elementary

Larry an untiring advocate for public education, dedicating his time and efforts to ensuring that the welfare of the public schools and the educational needs of students are a priority in Alabama.

Martha Peek, Mobile County superintendent

Larry is a creative and prolific wordsmith who uses his talents to lift up and champion public schools and public school teachers.

Linda Young, president, Wallace Community College

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