The so-called 2020 “conventions” by both Republicans and Democrats are history.

Due to the pandemic, both meetings were more political theatre than usual.  Both sides carefully screened who spoke for them in trying to promote either President Trump or Joe Biden.  Which for the GOP meant that if you were kin to Trump you got a place at the podium.  However, if you were the only living former Republican President like George W. Bush, you were nowhere to be seen.

And of course at the close of each evening the cable news networks chimed in with their commentary.  Meaning that you saw the proceedings through which set of rose-colored glasses they wear. It is amazing how CNN and Fox can listen to the same speakers and come away with interpretations that are 180 degrees apart.

The most amazing presentation of all to me was President Trump’s more than hour long monologue where he described an alternative universe.

When I woke up Thursday morning before this speech, Hurricane Laura was ravaging Louisiana, wildfires were burning in California, the national debt was the highest in history consuming more of the Gross Domestic Product than immediately after World War II, 180,000 Americans had died from Covid-19, there were six million more people out of work than on January 1, racial unrest was rampant and schools were struggling to reopen.

And what did the president tell us?  That things would really get BAD if Joe Biden was elected.

Which is about like your ex-wife putting you in the hospital from a gun shot wound and telling you that the next woman you marry will probably be a much better shot.

I did not see all the speeches from either meeting, but the only one that stuck with me was by 13-year old Brayden Harrington of New Hampshire.  He told about meeting Joe Biden at a political event and learning that both of them had severe issues with stuttering.  Then he related how Biden took a few moments to visit with him and give him some tips on dealing with his speech impediment.

You can go here and see what Brayden told the country.

So now it’s on to election day Nov. 3.  It will be a brutal trip with both sides trying to scare the hell  out of us about the other guy.

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, It will not be one of our finer hours.