It’s the one day of the year when we are supposed to pause between visits with kin folks, swigs of sweet iced tea and bites of pecan pie to truly count our blessings.  To me this means truly reflecting for a while on how blessed most of us are and who plays a large role in the life style most of us live.

I am thankful for those who devote their lives to working with our children.  Especially teachers.  My perspective is different from most lay people since I visit schools and classrooms and see firsthand the dedication and patience and deep caring that comes from most teachers.

For most, this is not “my classroom,” instead, these are “my babies.”  Their concern and love are palatable.  They know the back stories.  Whose parents are getting a divorce?  Whose mama’s boyfriend uses drugs.  Who is a surrogate parent for younger brothers and sisters?  Who is fortunate to come from a “normal” home, whatever that may be these days.

Under the best of circumstances a teacher’s life if not easy.  I could not do it.  Day in and day out. I have the concern.  But not the patience.  I spent an entire day in a pre-K classroom as a teacher’s aide several years ago.  The minute hand on the clock on the wall stopped moving.

So I am extremely thankful for those who devote their lives to impacting our future as much as any group in this country.

I am also so very, very thankful to those of you who visit this site to share some of your time with me.  I am especially thankful to those who answered my calls for action in the last year or so.  We faced a situation caused by a lack of judgment on many levels.  A situation that called for the voices of everyday citizens to be heard through emails and phone calls to legislators, the governor, state school board members and newspaper editors.

There is no doubt in my mind that this outcry played a crucial role in bringing about action at the state level.  We should all take heart in the fact that our collective voices were heard.

So enjoy all the good food and fellowship.  And at some point along the way, give real thanks for those who labor far beyond the headlines and the self-promoting electronic messages to give us what we too often take for granted.