75.  Seven decades and half of another one.  Half a century plus a quarter of a century.  Fourteen presidents.  It becomes official on Jan. 21.

How in the world did this happen?  Why it was just a few days ago I had a full head of hair, wore pants with a much smaller waist size and ran in 10 K races.

Honest, I have never been all that concerned about birthdays coming and going.  However, I do recall that becoming 30 seemed a bit of a jolt.  Suddenly the 20’s were gone and I was plunging headlong into middle age.  Then 60 got my attention a bit.  What I remember most about that one was hosting a birthday party for friends from all over the south.  That was great fun.  One friend said he came because he could not believe I was footing the bill.

But 75?  Dad gum.  I am much older than my grandpa was when I first met him.  And he was the oldest man on earth.

However, I am not complaining about getting here.  Just glad I made it.  Too many friends and colleagues did not have this good fortune.  But this does not prevent you from spending time wondering how it happened.  And where did all the days go?  How did I end at this point where I have many more yesterdays than tomorrows.

And I of course reflect on so many good times and am grateful for all the kindnesses I’ve been shown along my life’s path.  I am especially grateful for so many new friends I have found during my venture into blogland.  People who have been willing to join me in my wee little effort to bring attention to our educators in public schools and all their contributions to our way of life.  People who have stepped forward when I’ve asked for emails to the governor, or state school board members or legislators.

I will always be thankful for you.

And for anyone so inclined, I direct your attention to the little place on this home page where you can support the cause by using PayPal.  In honor of the occasion, may I suggest $7.50.

Editor’s note:  While I appreciate the friend who suggested that 75 is really the new 74, not sure I am yet convinced.