As I watched the team in white (Auburn) get methodically picked apart by the team in red (Alabama) last Saturday to the tune of 52 points to 21 points, I couldn’t help but equate this to a situation unfolding in Montgomery about charter schools.

What IF the two teams switched uniforms at half time?  Would the team now wearing red continue to dominate the game?  Or would we still have the same players just in different uniforms?

Fantasy?  Not really.

Because this is what is being proposed by a plan of the Montgomery Education Foundation to convert some existing schools to charters.  When this plan was unveiled to the public at a meeting at Lanier high school months ago, we were told that the students who today attend the schools to be confiscated and made charters will remain the same.

This includes an elementary school where the principal guesstimates that 90 percent of her students come from single parent homes and where the PTA only has ONE parent member.

Let’s call them the team in white.

According to the charter conversion proponents, the school year will be lengthened at this school, more special services will be provided, an education management organization will be hired to run the school and existing teachers may be replaced by non-certified teachers.  And all of this will be done on the same amount of funding the school now receives.

In other words, the students are now the team in red, even though 90 percent of them still live in a single portent home and the PTA only has ONE parent member.

It will be nothing less than a miracle.

And since miracles don’t happen every day, it would seem that the good folks at the Montgomery Educatio0n Foundation would be so proud of what they are about to create that they would have rushed out and told the Montgomery school board what they were want to do and ask for their blessing and input.  However, that is not the case at all.  If anyone on the MPS board has been briefed about this plan, I don’t know who it is.  I certainly have not been.

THIS is what some folks in Montgomery consider progress?  Sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors?

God help us all.