Laughter is the best medicine.  At least that is what The Reader’s Digest once told us.  And few enjoy a laugh any more than I do.  (Though I quickly admit that I sometimes get very intense and passionate, especially when I see some of the dumb things we do under the guise of helping education.)

I may have inherited the love of laughter from my grandpa Lee who had a great  sense of humor and an infectious, hearty laugh..

Plus, you need to know that since I am retired I am a threat to take an afternoon nap, probably just because I can.  I grab a book and within a few minutes I am sound asleep.  And so it was the afternoon.  But it was a very late afternoon nap.  And as usual, my trusty flip phone was on the nightstand.  (You heard right, vintage flip phone that does not take pictures, open the garage door or turn on the dishwasher.)

So I am dead to the world when about 6 p.m. the phone rings.  I wake immediately and notice that it is dark outside,  The call was from my great and dear friend Martha  Peek, soon-to-retire Mobile County superintendent.

She called to talk about a money issue we had been discussing by email.  She said she was at the office and one of her staff was with her.  My first thought was, what in the devil is she doing at work at 6 in the morning?  And why is a staff  member with her at that time?

Then it dawned on me that I was napping and it was  6 in the evening–not the morning.  But by this time I had already said to her, “It sure  is early to be calling.”

Coming to my senses, I told her what was going on, which was met by great laugher on her end, as well as a comment that she wondered why I told her it was early.

I could only shake my head and join in her mirth.  Yep, the joke was on me.  And not for the first  time, or the last I’m sure.