As I was about to leave the house this afternoon, I realized I did not have my phone (a very old flip phone model) and checked in my “office” where I thought I left it.  Nope.  Then the dining room table, shuffling the papers that clutter it.  Nope.  Then kitchen.  Nope.  My bedroom.  Came up empty again.

So I started the routine again.  Office, dining room table, kitchen, bedroom.  And this time I checked to see if it was in the console of my car.  Now I am agitated at how I could manage to lose it.  No way it just up and walked off.

Clearly I needed help.  If it was in the house and I heard it ring, I should be able to find it.  Suddenly the thought occurred to me that since I sat at my computer for hours on end, I would turn to email.

Quickly I dashed off a note to several friends saying, “I have lost my damn phone.  Can you call me at 334-787-0410?”

Then I waited to see if someone would come to my rescue.  Sure enough, I heard it ringing in a few minutes and followed the sound.  There it was on the floor in my bedroom in a pile of dirty clothes.  The caller was longtime friend, John Hansen.  As soon as I answered, he said, “It is now official that we are old men.”  I corrected him by saying that I’ve known that for several years.

As some of you know, I am prone to wear overalls, I suppose in acknowledgement  of who I am and where I come from.  There is a pocket on the front of the bib where my phone fits handily.  And when I bend over, also slides out easily.  Obviously that is what happened.

And thanks to others who called later.  It’s comforting to know that there is goodness in the hearts of some, even when it is a matter so trivial.

So now I wait for my next dumb blunder.