Bombarded by a 24-7 barrage of bad news about self-centered politicians, mad men with assault weapons. the constant quest for riches by billionaires who already have more money than they can spend and overpaid and over indulged athletes, it is easy to forget what the intrinsic goodness and innocence of childhood may show us.

A wonderful such example is Dana Perella of Boulder, CO who wanted to raise money because one of her friends had cancer.  So she started baking cookies.  With donations of ingredients from her classmates, she set a goal of raising $40,000. That has long been surpassed.

Learn more about this effort by clicking here.

I promise you will be glad you did.  Heck, you may even make a contribution just as I have done several times.  And know that you helped brighten the world and turned your back (at least for a moment) on the madness that too often passes for normalcy.