At this point you are probably expecting a drum roll.  Sorry to disappoint you.  Though I’m sure the person I am about to tell you about would appreciate it.

My longtime friend Ron Gilbert is my nominee for the Most Amazing Person in Alabama.

Ron who you ask?

The guy who does the email Arise Daily News Digest WITHOUT FAIL every time the sun comes up.  Christmas Day, the Fourth of July, Confederate Memorial Day, his own birthday.  Doesn’t matter.  At some point early in the morning Ron scans newspapers across Alabama, as well as across the country, finds articles of interest and edits his daily epistle with links to each and every story he has found.

In real life Ron is retired from the Alabama Department of Human Resources and runs the Community Action Association of Alabama.  The digest is sponsored by Alabama Arise.

And if you want to subscribe, you need to go here.

If you don’t get this every day, you should.  I signed up years ago and if it failed to be in my inbox a single time since, I do not remember it happening.

I am not a morning person.  Thankfully Ron Is.  And I appreciate him for it.