To put it bluntly, all hell broke loose when science teachers recently learned that Governor Bentley’s education budget recommendation to the legislature cut all funding for a much-used program known as Science In Motion.

This program is especially beneficial to many rural systems where funding is always short and the purchase of expensive lab equipment is virtually impossible.  Teachers all over the state have contacted me asking what can they do.  My reply is to contact their House member and Senator and ask that this money not be cut.  And to also contact the members of the state school board to let them know what impact such a move will have.

Here is an excellent report by Sarah Verser of WBRC in Birmingham about what is taking place.

The video in this segment is from the last work session of the state board of education on Feb. 9.  As you see, state superintendent Mike Sentance is talking about cutting both science and reading programs.  But this was apparently news to school board members.  One told me she had no idea this was coming.

And a member of the House of Representatives told me that his wife is an AMSTI teacher and is opposed to these cuts.  In addition, he pointed out that this is an action endorsed by the governor and the state board of education–not the legislature.

Except–it is apparently a move endorsed by the state superintendent–not the board.  Even though he works for the board and they have statutory authority to oversee our public school system.

Here are the email addresses for all elected members of the state board.  I encourage you to contact them and ask what is going on.

District 1  Jackie Zeigler         

District 2  Betty Peters           

District 3  Stephanie Bell       

District 4  Yvette Richardson 

District 5  Ella Bell                 

District 6  Cynthia McCarty   

District 7  Jeff Newman        

District 8  Mary Scott Hunter